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An innovative digital software solution designed to streamline the wholesale and buying industry, offering bespoke virtual reality showrooms and an immersive digital platform to host events and live appointments. Using our ground-breaking CGI and 3D rendering techniques, we can replicate your current physical showroom or build a brand new bespoke brand experience.

BrandLab 360 was founded with an optimistic vision of the future. 



Virtual Reality Showrooms

B2B Ordering Platform


Virtual Reality Press Days


What People Say

BrandLab360 created an incredible project for the Russian Fashion week helping people to attend this important event even being far away from Moscow. We got hundreds of positive testimonials talking about quality and idea of POP-UP SHOP in online format.


During our job BrandLab’s team has shown the great professionalism, everything was created within a specified time.  I hope that the relationship between our companies will become stronger with time. You can’t imagine how grateful I am for all the troubles you have taken. I hope that this is a beginning of our long and successful association. We will do our best to make it so.

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Russia

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