About Us

BrandLab360 offers a suite of technology services that brings together modernist thinkers, designers and architects for tomorrows brand experiences. 


BrandLab360 is an innovative digital software solution designed to streamline the wholesale and buying industry, offering bespoke virtual reality showrooms and an immersive digital platform to host events and live appointments. Using our ground-breaking CGI and 3D rendering techniques, we can replicate your current physical showroom or build a brand new bespoke brand experience. 


Virtual reality can remove many limitations of using a physical showroom or press day, overcoming the usual restraints and challenges of space, configuration, seasonal communication and significant related costs.

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BrandLab360 (formally known as BrandLab Fashion) was developed by Jennifer Drury and Dan O’Connell, both working in the fashion industry and experienced frustrations with the inefficiencies of the wholesale industry. 


Jen, a fashion buyer, recognised the obstacles of trying to buy from multiple fashion brands with differing distribution models, as well as it being difficult to discover fashion brands at declining trade shows. 


As a result she jointly founded BrandLab360 with Dan O'Connell in early 2016. Dan as a brand owner was frustrated with laborious ordering processes, as well as being disappointed with the lack of sales generated at expensive trade shows. And so the idea for BrandLab was born to enable buyers to explore new collections without stepping a foot outside their office or store.


Starting out with very little but a brilliant idea and concept, BrandLab was soon launched as a B2B platform that brought brands and buyers together and successfully launched to the marketplace in 2017, quickly establishing the company as one of the top five wholesale platforms in the world.

It soon became apparent that relationships were so important within the fashion industry and the software needed to be developed into an immersive experience which digitised the sales appointment. The result being a virtual reality showroom, which allows brands to create bespoke 360 environments they can do business with buyers in, as well as being fully transactional and facilitating live sales appointments through our integrated video chat.